Meet Tayla

Product Knowledge: The Cleaning Fairies products are amazing! I have found in my experience that cleaning is easy when you know how to apply the product correctly. I honestly do not shy away from any types of cleaning as the products are really the ones doing all the work, plus it's a fun challenge when there's something real tough you have to clean. I find that the All Purpose is perfect for the greasy surfaces, Microwaves and stove tops. The Detailer is awesome for those shiny, polished areas. I personally love the Glass and Sparkle because it always comes out streak free, oh and The Grout Cleaner because of its cinnamon essence! The best part is their all homemade from essential oils so you know you're not breathing in harsh chemicals all day or even when you get home. Katie and the other Fairies have taught me all the tips and tricks when it comes to cleaning the Fairy way, it's has been so fun and full of energy and it's only the beginning. I'm super excited to see where this Journey takes me. 

Career: Cleaning has always been something I love doing and having that eye for the details. I had never actually pursued a career in cleaning till now because I didn't like the thought of working with toxic products. When I had came across Katie and The Cleaning Fairies 
and what they were about, I could see an opportunity at hand. Once the ball started to roll and I got working, I was hooked on the feeling of accomplishment. I love getting to know the clients and meeting the array of different people and pets! I love that feeling you get when you know you've made someone's day a little easier. The opportunity for growth with The Cleaning Fairies is endless and quiet exciting.