Our Passion Makes us Different

Our products were created by cleaners with the ethics of using eco-friendly ingredients that do not sacrifice the professional finish it delivers. Cleaners know and trust the high standard the products provide while impacting the moods of both clients and cleaners creating a clean that awaken all the senses.

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  • Biodegradable

  • Made carbon neutral

  • Recyclable Packaging

  • Antiviral, Antiseptic

  • Natural anti-fungal

  • No added perfumes

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Why do Cleaners choose us?

Our products not only enhance the cleaning experience for their clients, they help the cleaners deliver an exceptional service which set their business above the rest. They add a personal touch, creating a unique experience to each clean. Click the link below to read about our Ambassadors and how our products have helped them in their businesses and service development.

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What People are Saying About us

The products are amazing! Not only do they do the job but leave the house with the fresh natural scents that smells so clean. They smell so good that when my mum visits, she takes some of my cleaning products home with her

Amy, Officer

I’ve had cleaning fairies and the one and only KATIE herself, come and clean my home on several occasions. The products used are to die for, not only does my house feel and look spotless the aromas of these products give you such a warm and relaxed feeling!! Such professional and friendly staff. Cannot fault them!!

Nicole, Clyde
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