Hug of the Month September 2023

Meet Angela!
Angela is a mum of 5, hardworking with never enough time for herself and #selfcare. Originally from Scotland, she has lived here 17 years and proudly calls Australia home just like myself.
Angela was nominated by the lovely Fairy Linda Smith, who has been absolutely rocking the cleaning world and transforming all her clients homes.
She wanted to give her friend a day of relaxation as she know how busy Angela is and how she gives so much of her time to others and never asks for anything in return.
I was lucky enough to received 2 special hugs from this lovely lady and was blessed to be went this amazing review:
“I was very fortunate to have been nominated by Linda Smith for a house clean the lovely Katie done my cleaning it was absolutely amazing but just not the cleaning the lovely smell that was in my house after the cleaning....I felt so relaxed and Calm with the cleaning products that the lovely Katie had used to clean my house. I would totally recommend cleaning fairies and also there products.”
Fairy Linda's Special to Angela;
"Enjoy every minute of this time.  You deserve it! You are an amazing person and so blessed to have you in my life."
Thank you Angela for welcoming me into your home and allowing me to clean for you!
I loved my hugs!