Maintenance Cleaning

Maintenance cleaning


A maintenance is a cleaning that maintains highly used, touched areas and surfaces, with a specific focus on areas that need more attention to keep ontop for mould, mildew and bacteria build up. These specific focused areas do have a more details done, but overall, this cleaning is just to maintain and keep on top of the highly used areas. Flat hand wiping is used in areas with minimal items to move/touch, and only spot wiping is used on cupboards for general maintenance of light build up. Dusters and cobweb brooms are used mainly for dusting as hand wiping takes much more time. At least 1/3 of the visit will focus on the floor.  If items are lifted such as on beds and sofas, they are left there to help save time and enable cleaner to focus attention on more details.  Putting items back takes more time. 

Outline of Maintenance Clean Focus

Highly touched Areas
  • Surfaces touched regularly in high traffic areas
  • Surfaces of personal hygiene cleaning
  • Areas for food preparation
    • Kitchen & bathroom counter tops
    • Fridge handles, stove top, oven front & knobs, Microwave front- time dependent if Microwave can be wiped out
    • Light Switches, power outlets, door handles
Spot Wiping Surfaces  
  • Areas that have high risk of splash, drips, marks in highly used areas of house
  • Flat surfaces with minimal items to move
    • Kitchen & bathroom cupboard doors
    • Coffee tables, bed side tables, desks,

Disinfecting Target Areas

  • Cleaning/sanitising areas that have higher hygienic attention
    • Toilet
    • Shower
    • Sink
    • Bin area

Maintenance Dusting

  • Cobweb/duster used to maintain common areas of dust build up
    • Skirting boards
    • Window Sills
    • Under beds/couches/Units
    • Sweep build up out of corners
    • Duster for shelving/book cases

Floor Focus

      • Lift up general items to get under/around behind
      • Pivot furniture if physically possible, alternating the side you pivot to each visit to get behind area balanced
      • Vacuuming/mopping


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