Hug of the Month February 2024

Meet the wonderful DJ!
DJ and his wife Sonya have been the amazing couple who owned and managed the local post office.  They have been such an amazing support to my business as it grew and developed online, transitioning to online orders.  They were helped me navigate the new part of my business which was very daunting for me.  
They have been a big part of this lovely community, opening their doors early to allow parcels to be dropped off before opening time and going that extra mile.  
Due to life and chaotic schedule, the winner of the cleaning for a hug this month has had to be pushed to March, so I surprised DJ and his wife Sonya with their cleaning.  Sonya keeps a very tidy house.  With two daughters, they are have very busy lives.  I gave the showers and vanities a deep clean, along with a detailed cleaning of the kitchen and stove top.  I introduced Sonya to our degreaser, showing her how it made cleaning the oven trays so easy!  The rest of the visit was spent cleaning blinds with our Detailer.  Needless to say, I think the family enjoyed the Chinese lemongrass scent.
Thank you DJ & Sonya, for all you for everyone in the community.  We appreciate you!