Hug of the Month November

Meet Anne- Marie!
She was my hug of the month for November!
From the moment I entered her home, there was an instant calming and peaceful feeling. Her love for alternative medicine and crystals was an automatic connection for us both, leading to many interesting conversations.
Anne - Marie has been unable to clean her own house due to illness which started near two years ago, and has spread throughout her body. She suffers from a condition
Which has left her immobile ~ on crutches again, for near two years now. Not having any physical assistance from family or friends, she was very appreciative of winning this well deserved cleaning prize.
Anne-Marie has gone through so much mentally and physically, she’s been there for others and felt it was her turn to put myself forward for a self love gift.
A necessity but something that will make her feel so good and will allow her to stop stressing & thinking about cleaning, even for just a day or two.
For her cleaning, I custom made a blend focusing on bringing down the cortisol levels, while encouraging dopamine levels:
Ylang ylang
Sweet Orange
I was able to touch over all surfaces and focus on the popular bathroom/shower area.
Anne-Marie’s special message in her submission-
“It would be a dream for me right now. I would love to have a hug, more than anyone knows, and to have someone clean the unit would be beyond my dreams right now.”
Thank you letting me clean for you and welcoming me into your home. It was absolute pleasure, and I hope your cleaning helped and gave you the peace of mind you deserve.