Hug of the Month December!



The beautiful Fairy Zara!

Fairy Zara is a busy mum, who services the Peninsula area along with offering other spiritual services as second business. Like many of us, Zara has had a lot going on this year and it’s the typical saying, the cleaner who needs a cleaner, just like me!

I was able to touch over the main areas of the home, while getting behind bigger furniture, spot wipe walls and cleaning areas such as the air conditioner that are
low frequency job.

I used a new blend of sandalwood, vanilla bean, ylang ylang and sweet orange for a grounding yet sweet mood, one that helped relax the mind.

Zara had so many beautiful messages from her voters, I tried include as many as I could in the post. Thank you to all who voted and thank you Zara for letting me
clean for you.

Zara's beautiful review:

My experience around winning a clean with Katie was so beautiful! I was so grateful that so many of my friends and clients voted for me. What a beautiful thing for Katie to organize! It had been a particularly difficult few months so receiving this helping hand was just what I needed.A Katie clean in your home is always such a gift. She was able to get to all of those hard to reach places I just had not had the chance to.It was such a great experience being a part of this and getting to have a chat with Katie, it's always a pleasure. The whole experience was a special one. Thank you so much Katie and all who voted!

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