Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning

This cleaning focus all the areas in higher detail. Much more time is spent, getting into that areas that are:

  • Not easily accessible
  • Need to be removed/taken apart/
  • Have more products/equipment/tools used on it
  • Overall, need more time, attention, and detail

Each room is treated literally from top to bottom, with a big focus on dusting all surfaces/items and moving as much furniture and items that the cleaner can physically handle.  For larger, heavier items, we ask the client help to move these if they are wanting cleaning behind/around/under as cleaner is happy to clean area but is not going to risk injuring themselves to do so.  Each room can be broken down to show full details included.

Outline of Deep Cleaning Details

Details included throughout house
  •             Cobwebbing
  •             Skirting
  •             Light switches
  •             Power outlets
  •             Doors/doorknobs
  •             Spot wiping walls
  •             Windowsills/Window Insides
  •             Ceiling fans
  •             Air conditioners
  •             Detailed Floors- Vacuum/Mop


  • Screen/Frame: full range of products on shower screen, detailed hinges, tracks, frame, splash guard. 
  • Grouting- treatment with grout spray,    steaming if necessary
  • Tiles- cleaning & Sanitising, steaming if necessary

               - treatment of mould/soap scum/efflorescence

  • Shower head/Tap- cleaning, sanitising, polishing.  Cleaning of shower head for any hard water build up
  • Storage/shelving- cleaning, sanitising, polishing
  • Floor- grouting, tiles, drain – cover removal, cleaning & sanitising.


  • Mirror
  • Splash back
  • Basin- inside/outer side/drain hole & cover/Drain -cleaned with piping brush/stopper
  • Tap-cleaned/sanitised/polished
  • Countertop- cleaned/sanitised top/edges/under overhang
  • Cupboards- fronts/tops/sides/insider side/handles
  • Kick boards


  •  Outside/top/around cistine, sanitising flush button
  • Toilet seat-remove if possible, disinfecting seat, focus on hinge point
  • Toilet seat attachment pins- disinfecting/cleaning, check screw and tightness
  • Toilet bowl- cleaning/disinfecting inside/top/around/ bottom.  Cleaning/disinfecting under lip of bowl.  Disinfecting inside of bowl and detailed cleaning
  • Wall attachment/knob- cleaning/disinfecting

General room

  • Walls- focus on areas behind towels/hand towels
  • Towel racks/holders
  • Ceiling/exhaust fans
  • Cupboards- top/sides/fronts/handles/under for hanging cupboards
  • Splash back
  • Counter tops- tops, edges, under overhang
  • Stove top- degreasing stove racks, removal, and cleaning of hobs, detailed cleaning & polishing of stove top, cleaning/disinfecting stove knobs
  • Oven front- handle, knobs, door front (inside of the oven is an option)
  • Range hood top/sides/under, filters soaked in degreaser
  • Kickboards
  • Fridge- door- fronts/sides/handles/top of doors/cleaning of sealant (inside of fridge is option), for deep clean-removal of an items/magnetics on fridge front
  • Microwave- outer side of microwave (as much as we can physically reach-focus on wiping vents), inside, removal and cleaning of rotating tray, wiping underneath if possible.
  • Sink-deep clean/disinfecting with several products, focus on cleaning/polishing drain area/detailed cleaning of any build up area along edges of sink area along countertop.
  • Tap- cleaning/disinfecting
  •  Appliances

                            * Toaster- crumb tray, cleaning/polishing

                            * Kettle- cleaning/polishing

  • Bin- emptying, cleaning/disinfecting bin and area
  • Light hangings/exhaust fans/
  • Spot wiping walls – full wall wash is optional
  • Bedside tables- flat wipe, dusting items, full dust, focus on power outlet areas near bedhead
  • Bedhead/foot of bed- hand wipe
  • Tallboys, drawers, tables- hand wipe, dusting items
  • Mirror/wardrobes- tracks, handles
  • Optional Change of Bedsheet Linen
Living/Dining Room
  • Detailed wiping of flat surfaces

                 *Tables/coffee tables/tv units/shelving

                  *Dusting items, sanitising remotes

  • Couches- cushion removal, vacuuming.  Move couches if physically able, otherwise cobweb broom sweet underneath to get as much build up underneath out.

  • Moving as many items as physically can

                *Area rugs




  • Wiping hanging items
  •             *Picture frames

  • Detailed wiping table
  • Handrails
  • Wiping hanging items

               *Picture frames


  • Cupboards-fronts/sides/inner side/underneath for hanging/handles
  • Splash back
  • Countertops – tops, edges, overhang
  • Sink & tap
  • Appliances

              *Washing machine

  • Wiping attachments in walls
  • Dusting walls for fluff build up
  • Cobwebbing behind/around appliances






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