Meet Uki

I've been working in domestic cleaning industry for many years, spending a lot of Amy own profit on natural cleaning products from the supermarket, health food shops and various well known companies that specialise high quality natural products.  In the last 2 years, I've been using the Cleaning Fairies products and love them. They not only products the sparkle, they go above and beyond! I get constant messages from my clients commenting on the aroma and the sparkle factor after using these products.  The carpet powders that scent match all of the products I use leaving the clients gob smacked!  I am highly allergic to most cleaning products and I am happy to say I found a company the suits me.  Australia made, ethically sourced, quality ingredients, great price, great cleaning results and a lovely family business.  What else could you want out of a cleaning product really! Thanks Cleaning Fairies! 

Uki- Chelsea, Vic