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Hi, I am Katie, the owner and creator of the Cleaning Fairies.  I began my cleaning journey just over 10 years ago, training and working with many cleaners around the area, servicing hundreds of homes, and developing our high detailed cleaning using my aromatherapy products to create a sensory experience when clients return home.  I currently train cleaners how to use the products, develop their high detailed cleaning skills, and offer aromatherapy deep/spring cleaning along with Presale/End of Lease/Entrance cleaning.  I provide service to NDIS client and work with clients suffering from an array of conditions such as PTSD, anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc.  If you would like to book in for one of my aromatherapy cleanings or are a cleaner and are interested in training to use the products to enhance your cleaning services, please click the appropriate request eforms below.

Business Name: Cleaning Fairies Pty Ltd

Position: Owner, operator

Services Offered: Aromatherapy Sensory Cleaning, High Detailed deep/spring cleaning, Vacate/Entrance/Presale/Inspection Cleaning, Cleaner Training

Credits: NDIS provider, Head Trainer, Product Developer

Contact Number: 1300 FAIRIES

Contact Email:





Service Areas:  Gippsland, Southeast Melbourne, 

Availability: Days/Times vary, weekdays only

How did you come to have a career as a cleaner?

I was introduced to cleaning over 10 years ago by a mother's group friend who ran a local cleaning service.  I began cleaning for 2 friends, and slowly grew my business over the years.  I introduced my aromatherapy cleaning products about 2015 when I wanted to clean green and incorporate my love for essential oils.  As the business grew bigger, my products developed and perfected into what you see today. 

How long have you been working in the industry?

Just over 10 years now.  Previously I was a massage therapist for 12 years , and a vet nurse. 

What is your speciality as a cleaner?

I love my aromatherapy cleaning, using blends of essential oils to not only clean the home with a professional level, but to create an essence that clients experience when the come home. I love to transform a home and create a whole new feel.  

What is your favourite Cleaning Fairies product and what do you love about it?

My favourite product is The Detailer.  It's all in the name- it adds that final detail to all areas of the home.  I have to admit it has become my all purpose spray as it can be used on almost every surface.  It contain our signature Chinese Lemongrass essential oil, which is a sweet citrus scent that is very effective for depression and anxiety.  It elevates your serotonin leaves while decreasing your cortisol levels, leaving your home with happy vibe.  I specifically created it for high gloss granite bench tops but it has proven to be so versatile for stainless steel, two pack cabinets, tiles of various material, porcelain, laminax, polished wood, the list goes on.  It has quickly become the choice of majority of my Ambassadors.

About Katie:

My Name is Katie, I am addicted to cleaning.  It has become my passion to create products from essential oils, develop and keep perfecting our high detailed cleaning, to connect with and train my cleaners/people who are crazy about cleaning, and to continue my aromatherapy cleaning for clients who are in need of something more than just your standard cleaning.  I would love to meet more clients, cleaners, people who are wanting to clean with for purpose. I am so excited to have meet, trained and helped many cleaners who some have become Ambassadors of my business. 

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