Meet Karen!

I have been cleaning for about 6 years now and for the last 2 years I have been using the cleaning fairies all natural products.  I love the All Purpose.  It is an amazing product.  It is fantastic at cleaning a very greasy kitchen.  It cuts through grease and time, while leaving an amazing smell.  The glass cleaner is so versatile you can use it on just about everything high gloss.  The grout cleaner smells awesome and helps prevent new Ould from starting.  These 2 products I have used are clearly a time saver and the smell of the products makes for very happy customers.  Thanks Katie for introducing me to these products.


Karen, Gold Coast, QLD

 ** UPDATE**

Thank you for my order.  I need to tell about the Mr. Gloss.  I used it last week on a clients bed side table because it had a bit white mark on it on it.  I used the Mr Gloss and the white mark was gone!  The client asked how I fixed it! She was amazed at the results because she had tried everything to remove it.  She loved the smell and was amazed at how long the smell lasted for.  She looked forward to going to bed so she could smell the product!!  Thank You, Karen