Meet Brooke



Meet Brooke!

Brooke joined the Cleaning Fairies Team last October and became an instant favourite.  Her high level of detail and 100% satisfaction of reviews created a huge referral base.  While growing her clientele, Brooke took on the role of Fairy Training, helping develop and perfect other cleaners cleaning skills.  She incorporated her trainings and love of spiritual healing into her cleaning to create a true mind, body spirit cleansing of each house.  Brooke's Bayside client base had to sadly say goodbye as she moved to regional Victoria. She has now settled and opening up cleaning services in the Beechworth and Chiltern area.  

Position: Head Cleaner, owner/operator

Services Offered: Domestic Cleaning (weekly/fornightly), Coming Home-sacred Cleaning, Tidying & Organising, Spring Cleaning

Credits: Cleaning Fairy Trained, Product Knowledge, Certified Trainer, Product Distributor

Contact Number: 0478744625

Contact Email:

Website: Coming soon

Service Areas: Beechworth & Chiltern

Availability: Weekdays

How did you come to have a career as a cleaner?

I found Katie's Company - The Cleaning Fairies. 

How long have you been working in the industry?

I have been cleaning since Oct 2021

What is your speciality as a cleaner?

Coming Home-A Sacred Cleaning Offering

Clearing, intention setting and ceremonies for closing chapters for old homes and beginnings for new homes.

What is your favourite Cleaning Fairies product and what do you love about it?

The Cleaning Fairies products are divine. The natural and environmentally friendly aspects are a big tick for me.  The cleanliness and wonderful smell these products bring is above and beyond.  If I had to choose one, my favourite would be The Detailer. I love the lemongrass aroma and the fine finish is has on surfaces. 

About Brooke:

Cleaning is something I have always naturally gravitated towards. At the age of three, my grandparents found me wearing gloves, cleaning their coffee eatable. Now being a Yoga and meditation teacher, I realise cleaning people's homes is another way to bring people into a place of stillness and calmness.  The ones hone is clean, ones mind can become clearer. When ones mind is clear, ones life is really to be lived with purpose. I look forward to offering this for you, your loved ones and your home.

 Before & After




 Katie, I am thrilled with my clean today! Thank you to you and Brooke! Amazing! 

Charlotte, Sandringham

Katie, just to let you know, Brooke has done a terrific job today! Thank you!

Helen, Highett

Thank you! Just got home and so lovely after Brookes cleaning.  Feels so much better. Thank you again!

Rach, Highett