Meet Leasha



Meet Leasha

All About Me:

I’m a happy individual with a heart as big as my love for my two American Staffordshire dogs. My passion for cleanliness shines through in every aspect of my life, as I find joy in maintaining a tidy environment and ensuring the comfort of my furry companions at home too.

As a diligent professional, I take pride in going above and beyond to assist my clients in every way possible. I strive to leave my clients' homes not just clean, but also infused with a sense of ease and satisfaction sprinkled with the essence of essential oils from The Cleaning Fairies, and love knowing that I’ve made my clients lives a little bit easier.

My classic slogan is “Life’s Messy, Fresh’n It Up” Outside of work, I find solace and adventure in the great outdoors through camping, fishing and playing games. It's where I recharge my batteries and connect with nature, and feel entertainment, all while creating cherished memories. When it comes to music, I embrace a diverse range of genres - not a fan of Opera though! 

Name: Ecofresh Maid

Title: Owner/Operator

Ph:  0424279728





ABN: 90911520505

Cert Currency: Yes

Police checks: Current

Certified: Cleaning Fairies Trained, Product Knowledge, Dental Nurse

Service Areas: #Frankston 3199, #MountEliza 3930, #Mornington 3931, #Seaford 3198, #CarrumDowns 3201, #Berwick 3806, #Sandhurst 3977


  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday  
  • Thursday
  • Friday

Services Provided:

  • Scheduled Maintenance Cleaning
  • Once off Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Vacate/Bond/Entrance Cleaning
  • NDIS/Veterans Affair

 Extra Services Offered:

  • *Windows
  • *Upholstery
  • *Fridge
  • *Organising/decluttering

 How did you come to have a career as a cleaner?

Previously worked with My Home Services as a cleaner, then later moved into medical which still involved cleaning.

How long have you been working in the industry?

2 years 

Previous Cleaning Experience:

My Home Services

Favourite Cleaning Fairies Product:

Mint sanitizer and Fruit Tingles All in One Concentrate. They both smell amazing and clean well!