Meet Jasmine

Meet Jasmine!  Jasmine and myself have been cleaning together since 2016.  We connected with each other cleaning in the same areas and helped one another on the big days and times when one needed a day off.  Jasmine has embraced the Cleaning Fairies products and incorporated them into her own cleaning services.  She has been part of my journey and helped develop the products and high detailed service into what it is today!


Business: Fairy Jasmine's Cleaning

Position: Owner/Operator

Services Offered: High Detailed 

Credits: Cleaning Fairies Trained, Product Knowledge

Contact Email:

Service Areas: Bayside

Availability: Limited availability, wait list

How did you come to have a career as a cleaner?

I fell into cleaning for some spare money as a single mum, and loved it for so many reason.  I then decided to work for myself.

How long have you been working in the industry?

12 years

What is your speciality as a cleaner?

I specialise in high detailed thorough cleaning and maintaining regularly scheduled homes and businesses. 

What cleaning services do you offer?

Domestic, laundromats and Air BNB cleaning,

What is your favourite Cleaning Fairies product and what do you love about it?

I absolutely adore the smell of the sanitiser.  For the health of myself and my clients its so satisfying and important to know that I can use a product that kills germs effectively as well as having no nasty chemicals. I also love the detailer which I have found to be a popular choice with my clients as well. 

 About Jasmine:

Hello! My name is Jasmine and I have been cleaning professionally for over 10 years.  I originally started as a single mum working in hospitality looking for extra income.  I then quickly realised that this profession ticked a lot of boxes for me so decided to take it on permanently.  Working in many different homes and businesses though out the years, the most significantly gratifying thing about this job is the relief and gratitude I receive from my clients for the service I provide and the Cleaning Fairies products. 


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