Meet Jess

Meet Jess.  Jess has been a cleaning fairy for 3 years, and quickly took on the role as trainer.  She quickly had client following and was in high demand.  She started taking on private clients while helping to train and introduce new cleaners to the Fairies Way!  We love Jess!

"I have been lucky enough to be a cleaning fairy now for 3 years. Sine the day I started, I have not used any other products besides fairy products.  They are amazing in every single way.  I love each and every one, but my 3 favourites would have to be Glass and Sparkle, All Purpose and The Detailer.  The Glass and Sparkle works like no other.  It odes not sea at all. I have never found a glass cleaner like it.  These stubborn windscreens when cleaning your car, you think you got it perfect the you drive off and see the smears. Omg not anymore! Every product does exactly what it's meant to do and a bit more. I won't be using anything but the Cleaning Fairies products.  Amazing, Love them!